I have a personal connection to Ward 12 as I have lived in the area for over 34 years.  Growing up, my family resided in Kameyosek and Knottwood. This allowed me to be introduced to many different cultures at a young age. Going for supper at my friends’ homes, I was a world cuisine foodie by 10 without knowing what a foodie was. I was also fortunate to go to a school that had funding for aides for children with disabilities. I had the honor to be classmates with children that had Achondroplasia, autism, and others. These children were some the smartest and funniest kids I knew. This is what makes Edmonton so great. I never thought it was “being kind” or “polite” to include people with different cultures and disabilities, it was just what we did and I have never known anything different.  Fast forward to now, and I live in the exciting new community of Tamarack with my beautiful wife who is a nurse at the Stollery Children’s Hospital and our young daughter.  Since building our home in this community 9 years ago, I have seen this area grow exponentially. Being a multicultural family, and raising our daughter with the knowledge of her East Indian & Filipino heritage, this area has been a wonderful representation of tradition and culture collectively working together towards the greater good of the community.

Graduating with a Commerce degree in International Business has given me a solid background in which to fulfill my duties as councilor, including but not limited to; business law, accounting, finance, political studies, cultural sensitivity, and many more. My work experience has allowed me to expand on these skills. I have for the last 10 years worked in the supply chain and logistics field. This has allowed me to work with various industries including oil and gas, all levels of Government, agriculture, chemical manufacturing, trucking, airlines, food and beverage, and so many more. My roles have included high level contract negotiations of multi-million dollar bids, project management, buying/sourcing, B2B sales, management, accounting/budgeting, human resources, corporate training, and many other skills.

So why the decision to join politics?  Over the years, my enthusiasm for community involvement has grown to include volunteering with organizations such as coaching soccer for my daughter’s team, fundraising for various local charities such as YESS, Soup Sisters, and the Stollery. I have noticed a common thread that many others are feeling the same way about our current government. Too many undisclosed changes, no accountability, telling people what is best for them instead of asking.  I feel that working alongside people in my community has given me the desire to seek change and become instrumental in making Ward 12 great again!

Although this is my first time running for council, I assure you that I am not intimidated to stand up for what my constituents want. If you choose to elect me I can promise you that I will attend all council meetings and votes and that I will actively keep you informed on what is happening in council. I do not believe that people should have to search through archives and attend meeting to understand what is happening in their city. The advances in social media and mobile technology means that updates can be sent on a regular basis.


Thank you in advance for your support and vote in the upcoming election.