What I promise to do

As a first time candidate I do not want to make any campaign promises without first getting all the facts straight from the source as I believe this would be irresponsible and unfair to you the voters. The incumbent council members will have a more solid platform laid out with specific goals and rightly so. This has been their full time job for the previous term. They have access and experience working within city hall. That being said what I can promise you is that I have a set of values that I live by and this is what I would bring to the position if hired. I value honesty, I have learned that trust is the most valuable asset you can have and I will always be truthful. I value safety, whether at home, work, or on the streets, everyone has the right to feel safe and secure. I value family and community, we all have to live together and I believe that little things like picking up litter or holding a door are what makes a community strong.

What I Want to Change

I believe that our council can be better and in turn make Edmonton better.

Below are the goals I hope to achieve if elected.

Be Accountable

I want the people’s voices to count. I do not think the council should tell you what you need. The council’s job is to listen to what Edmontonians want.

Be Transparent

The people have a right to know what their elected officials are doing. They shouldn’t have to go searching through archives to find the information. It should be an open and transparent process without secrecy. All actions by committees should be shared and pushed out on social media.

 Be decisive

Too many politicians are worried about getting re-elected to take a stand. This is not the way it should be. They are elected to act the people’s behalf, not for the benefit of their own political career.

I promise to be a strong voice for the people of Ward 12 and the city as a whole. I will fight for what Edmontonians want.


Next Steps…

I will continue talking to community stakeholders over the next few weeks and finding out what issues are most pressing to them. I will take this information and lay out my platform and strategy for correcting these issues on my platform page.

I need your support in order to fight for you. Please vote for me on October 16, 2017.

I enjoy talking with the members of the community and encourage you to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you have. I will be knocking on doors to introduce myself and talk to as many people as I can but it will be impossible for me reach everyone this way so please reach out so we can discuss your concerns.

Thank you all for your faith and support